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Green Beast part 6- a GaiLee
Lee was pretty sure he was bouncing.
He had spent days just lying around with nothing to do, having been strapped to the bed by Sakura  after the first and only time he’d tried to train. But today…today was the day he was supposed to finally be discharged. The only thing that could possibly make it any better was if…
“My youthful pupil! I am so proud of your recovery and happy to welcome you back into the world!” Yes. Now it was perfect.
“Gai-sensei!” Lee beamed, rushing over to give his teacher their customary hug-and-cry in front of their portable sunset backdrop. No one even batted an eye as the two sobbed into each other’s shoulders, assuring one another of their youthfulness. After a few minutes they broke apart, wiping their eyes.
“It’s good to see you Lee,” Gai smiled, giving his student a brief thumbs up. Lee flushed slightly.
“Thanks sensei. So…I’m getting out today,” he gestured to the bed wi
:iconsasodeioctembuary:sasodeioctembuary 22 65
Green Beast part 5- a GaiLee
Splinters from the training post broke off, and lodged themselves in Gai’s arm. Either he didn’t notice or he didn’t care, because he simply continued punching the target, ignoring the blood seeping into his jumpsuit.
It wasn’t the first time, after all.
Gai had awoken late that night with a sharp pain in his chest and sweat on his brow. He didn’t even need to recall the dream to know that it had been a nightmare, and most likely it had centered on his prize pupil. Instead of lying in his own sweat worrying about the bane of his existence, Gai had thought his efforts would be better spent training. And so that’s how it had come to be that he had reached the posts at three in the morning, and somehow still hadn’t left after seven.
But judging from how little of the post was left and the rate at which the wood was flying off of it, he didn’t have much longer than a half hour left. Which meant that, in half an hour, he had to return to the real worl
:iconsasodeioctembuary:sasodeioctembuary 22 56
Green Beast part 4- a GaiLee
It was a well known fact, and not one easily overlooked by even Gai himself, that most considered him to be a simple person. Not simple as in mentally disadvantaged, or even completely predictable. Gai was simple in the sense that when he resigned himself to a task, whether that be training his students to master a new technique or doing the laundry, he would focus all his energy on that thing until it was done. (Over the years, he’d learned to have at least a two weeks supply of spandex for this very reason). Because of this odd quality, while he was setting up targets on the forest trees, one passing by would easily suspect he was trying to find the best positions for an optimal growth experience. It wouldn’t even occur to them that Gai could have other thoughts in his head with the intense care he was showing. But with every target he carefully placed via kunai to the trees, he was reminded of his student more and more. Of Lee’s perseverance, his strength…watchin
:iconsasodeioctembuary:sasodeioctembuary 22 79
Green Beast part 3- a GaiLee
Gai had barely taken two steps into his doorway before he sensed something flying towards him. He barely had time to turn his head and register a green blur with orange legwarmers before Lee skidded to a halt in front of him, grinning like a fool. Gai felt his heart skip a beat at the look on his student’s face, and couldn’t help a rather exaggerated grin that was growing on his own.
“Gai-sensei!” Lee shouted, not bothering to keep his voice down even though he was obviously within earshot. Gai did not wince, but instead pushed out his hip, widening his stance in his traditional Nice Guy pose.
“Lee!” he called back enthusiastically. “Might I ask what’s brought you here?” Lee nodded emphatically, but then his face changed drastically as he whipped his head around in slight nervousness.
“Actually Gai-sensei…can we go inside first? I don’t think this is something I’m supposed to say out in the open.” The older man took
:iconsasodeioctembuary:sasodeioctembuary 27 110
Green Beast part 2- a GaiLee
Gai felt like a complete idiot.
Not only had he royally screwed things over with Lee, but there was also nothing else for him to do since he had not planned to challenge Kakashi, and, surprising as it may sound, he did not want to.
Which meant he could either go home and live with the fact that he’d forsaken his morals and lied to his students, or he could ask the Copy Ninja for a match, knowing full well that his rival was likely to be at the memorial stone and unwilling to be disturbed. Gai briefly reviewed both options in his head before turning towards the stone with a resigned sigh.
“Eternal Rival!” Gai called in his usual booming voice, glad that he sounded adequately enthusiastic and annoying. He could see Kakashi flinch slightly from behind before slowly turning to face him, as though hoping he weren’t really there. Gai couldn’t blame him, he wished he wasn’t here as well.
“Gai. Wh
:iconsasodeioctembuary:sasodeioctembuary 24 80



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